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Bebo Plastik has produced packaging for Kremgo cream cheese. more

25 May 2017 16:26 industry

The trigger pumps for Henkel’s Laundry and Home Care range have been designed by RPC Zeller Plastik. more

15 May 2017 10:14 industry

EPPM's most-read stories of 2016: Month-by-month

For many, 2016 has been a little too eventful. From Bowie, to Brexit, from Trump to Toblerone, there have been some big headlines this year that got everybody talking, even if we haven't always been agreeing. more

15 Dec 2016 15:55 editor's blog

RPC Promens has launched a new, greener bioplastics milk bottle into Europe - a product that is an industry first for the marketplace. more

14 Apr 2016 12:03 materials

RPC's clever packaging concept will help bring the perfect dippy egg to snackers and home cooks who just can't get their yolks right. more

25 Jan 2016 09:59 industry

RPC Superfos' dessert packaging solution for Finnish dairy producer Valio has been handed a WorldStar2016 award, the pre-eminent international packaging awards organised by the World Packaging Organisation. more

21 Jan 2016 14:00 materials

RPC Group announced this week (December 14th) that it is buying French caps and closures giant Global Closure Systems (GCS), forming one of the world's strongest packaging companies. more

16 Dec 2015 14:45 industry

French producer of caramelised peanuts Agrolis has chosen a clear polypropylene pot from RPC Bebo Bouxwiller as the new packaging for its popular confection. more

8 Dec 2015 16:05 materials

A new 750 ml barrier PET bottle for flavoured syrups and cold drinks from RPC Promens Consumer Innocan is set to hit shop shelves. more

12 Nov 2015 10:54 materials

RPC Containers is producing a bespoke five-litre oil pack for Millers Oils featuring a newly designed dispensing closure that allows the oil to be fully controllable and to flow freely and easily. more

1 Jul 2014 16:19 industry

Tails is emerging as a key brand in the cocktails industry, and one of the factors linked to the firm's success is cited to be its distinct choice of packaging, which was designed and engineered in partnership with RPC Containers. more

27 Mar 2014 15:00 industry

RPC Bebo Plastik of Germany has developed a re-closable food packaging concept for a variety of potential applications, including soups, sauces and ready meals. more

13 Feb 2014 14:40 machinery

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