Solar panels


Covestro AG

Covestro supports student project for World Solar Challenge as a provider of solutions for the automobile industry. more

24 Aug 2017 11:35 industry

Borealis/ Borouge has joined forces with compatriot Austrian solar panel maker Isovoltaic, to make backsheets for PV panels. more

22 May 2017 12:13 industry

Materials science played a pivotal role in getting the world record-making solar powered Solar Impulse 2 off the ground and back safely nearly 16 months later. Covestro revealed to EPPM the role it played as a partner company on the aerospace project more

23 Sep 2016 09:00 materials

Covestro has congratulated the pilots of the Solar Impulse 2 solar-powered aircraft upon the completion of its round-the-world journey. Covestro partnered with the project on the ultra-lightweight materials. more

4 Aug 2016 12:10 materials

Global materials science giant and sustainability solutions provider DuPont has launched a digital campaign promoting quality solar panel installations. more

2 Aug 2016 12:25 materials

Conductive Polymers

Umeå University

A research team in Sweden has made a breakthrough that enables the super-fast transport of electrical charges in polymers with the potential to transform solar and lighting technology. more

4 Mar 2016 11:48 materials

AMUT's solar lines are now producing EVA foils with the assurance of maximum light transmission, zero shrinkage or deformation and great capacity to achieve cross-linking, while meeting TÜV or CEI EN 50086 certificates requirements. more

24 Jul 2015 16:07 materials

Croda has held the groundbreaking ceremony at its new North American plant - which aims to be a flagship for sustainable production. more

1 May 2015 08:30 industry

EPPM spoke in depth to Solvay's Marketing Manager for Films Philippe-Jacques Leng about the global solar film market and how Solvay is developing new technologies for PV front sheets. more

18 Feb 2015 09:44 materials

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