The investment has enabled Umincorp to make their MDS technology available to a wider market Read more


Henry Ford may have had it right about how to make cars look good, but when it comes to packaging, black is becoming unfashionable. Here are what two major organisations are suggesting manufacturers do to stop black plastic from being landfilled. Read more


OK, so it’s not magic – but NIR sorting technology is a real life dark art, allowing black plastics to be separated for recycling thanks to technology such as Ampacet’s black masterbatch solutions. Read more


Why don’t environmental influencers engage with the plastics industry?

Environmental influencers are fighting for the same cause as the plastics industry – to eliminate plastic waste from the environment – and yet they do not engage in conversation with us. Rose Brooke responds to an editorial by Natalie Bennett. Read more

1 May 2018 16:29 editor's blog

Luxus, based in the East of England, has demonstrated its analytic tool for near-infrared separation. Read more


BOSS Impact Solutions

Impact Solutions

Separating polyolefins has been a tricky process in conventional facilities, but Scotland’s Impact Solutions has taken on a new plant to use its own innovation to separate PP from PE. Read more


LyondellBasell has joined forces with waste and water management giant SUEZ to help achieve a plastics circular economy together as a recycling power duo. Read more



Paul Fears

Cover star for EPPM's January/February 2018 issue, Bunting Europe explains the argument for separation you won't hear in the mainstream media. Read more


Luxus Managing Director, Peter Atterby explains why our plastic products need to be designed with ‘end of life’ recycling in mind. Read more


Plastics manufacturing trends for 2018

The marine plastics crisis is going to be the single largest influencer of plastics manufacturing trends in 2018, says EPPM Editor Rose Brooke. Do you agree? Read more

4 Jan 2018 15:12 editor's blog

AUTOSORT_1 copy.jpg

Peter Alvey

Norwegian sorting machine company TOMRA has agreed to supply 40 of its Autosort machines to recycling processors SKM, in Melbourne. Read more


Plastic waste: An embarrassing reminder of our throwaway society

Plastic waste was in the news and on the radio this week, and EPPM Editor Rose Brooke brought the argument that the blame cannot lie solely at the feet of the industry when what we need is investment and education. Read more

7 Dec 2017 17:02 editor's blog

Tomra has started selling its Autosort Laser system for separation of solid waste. Read more


German sorting lines manufacturer Sortco has set up operation of a machine ahead of its show at Fakuma. Read more


Guest post: Laying down markers for plastic packaging recycling

Axion Consulting's Richard McKinlay believes that while methods to detect different polymer types such as fluorescent pigments and digital watermarks offer exciting potential, they should be seen as a way to safeguard recyclate quality. Read more

19 May 2017 14:22 guest blogs

Are we ignoring more challenging plastics in favour of always recycling the easiest materials to collect and repurpose as recyclates? Plarabel's An Vossen sets out the task in hand for industry and consumers. Read more


With 1.3 billion black plastic trays being missed by recycling sorting technologies and going straight to landfill in the UK every year, Colour Tone Director Tony Gaukroger is issuing a call to action. Read more


Successful integration of EREMA’s newest companies PURE LOOP and UMAC contributed to the recycling firm’s record results. Read more


TOMRA has a lot to celebrate in addition to its 45th anniversary, bringing record sales in 2016 with the sale of some 90,000 systems in over 80 countries. Read more


The New Year has ushered in some big plans and big news for Bunting Magnetics, with a shrewd acquisition and a strategy that pinpoints untapped markets setting the growing company up for some serious growth in 2017. Read more


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