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As a founding member of the ERDE initiative (Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland), RKW has committed to collecting and recycling 65 per cent of all silage and stretch films sold on the German market by 2022. Read more


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Davis-Standard’s converting technology and support services will be promoted at ICE Europe in Munich, Germany, between 12 and 14 March 2019. Read more


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Davis-Standard has shown its new technology for 2018 in action as it increased efficiency gains for a large sheet manufacturer. Read more


Brückner has stretch film line innovations up its sleeve for K 2016 with its Intelligent Line Management (ILM) system. Read more


The blow-moulded container market is predicted to hit the 6.79 MMT (million metric tonnes) mark by 2020. Read more


AMUT DOLCI BEILLONI has developed and presented an exciting new generation of stretch film machines following the Dolci Beilloni/Amut merger earlier this year. Read more


AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI has responded to popular demand introducing a new generation of machines utilising the merged intelligence of AMUT and Dolci Bielloni. Read more


  • RKW and ERDE Initiative: Voluntary Commitment for 2022

    RKW is a co-founder of the ERDE Recycling initiative. Along with other ERDE members, RKW has committed to collect and recycle 65 per cent of all agricultural films sold in Germany by 2022.

  • Investment confirmed for bpi stretchfilms’ UK site

    RPC Group

    Investment confirmed for bpi stretchfilms’ UK site

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