Austrian standard parts provided Meusburger has released tooling for inserts centring. more

21 Nov 2017 15:53 industry

mb til.png


Austrian workshop parts maker Meusburger has released a series of clamping devices to provide ergonomic machining and polishing surfaces. more

20 Jun 2017 12:26 machinery

Moulding Expo 2017 pitches up for pitch-perfect second outing

Moulding Expo is on a growth trajectory, having found the sweet spot as a tool and mould making meeting place for the German and wider European industry. EPPM's Rose Brooke reports from the event's second outing. more

2 Jun 2017 09:51 editor's blog

Moulding Expo

HFM Modell- und Formenbau

Pattern and mould-making represent a special exhibitor group at Moulding Expo 2017, and 3D printing is broadening the horizons of this corner of the industry. more

18 May 2017 09:00 industry

Meusburger carousel

Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

In a fast-paced manufacturing world, standardisation can be the difference between being able to compete, and falling behind. Meusburger takes EPPM readers through the advantages of standardisation for die and mould making. more

18 Apr 2017 09:00 industry


wortundform, Entenbachstr. 35, 81541 Muenchen, +49 89 62500535

Landesmesse Stuttgart help push innovation and training in the moulding industry by providing funds for Tool Constuction Management at Schmalkalden University. more

7 Apr 2017 16:03 industry

European mould-making is world class for its cross-industry quality and for its value. At Moulding Expo, this will be the theme, and organiser Messe Stuttgart set the tone at its media event before the show in Portugal's moulding heartland. more

16 Mar 2017 11:28 industry

Meusberger have begun stocking cylinders with a stroke of 200mm. more

20 Jan 2017 15:55 machinery

Meusburger has taken the precision of its E 5660 Adjustment unit to a new level, enabling the fast and exact adjustment of stamping and bending elements. more

6 Jan 2017 08:59 machinery

In Hall 13, booth C36, TURRA will operate the ST-80 and RT-60, two of its innovative vertical injection presses. more

7 Oct 2016 10:51 industry

Meusburger has created a range of indexable insert tools that are perfectly coordinated to the needs of die and mould makers. The simple ordering process saves time and money. more

29 Sep 2016 16:55 industry

At K 2016, Meusburger will present both tried and trusted products and numerous innovations in demonstrations and technical videos. more

6 Sep 2016 14:30 industry

Longer service live means value for money and Meusburger's new HSS ejector pins and DLC coated blade ejector pins with extra long blade promises just that. more

24 Aug 2016 09:02 machinery



Meusburger has brought the advantages of die modules for quick tool changes to its modular concept range. more

9 Aug 2016 16:41 industry

Meusburger is a company with a lot of new developments, which is why in its latest website re-vamp it has given its news an easy-access platform. more

22 Jul 2016 12:33 industry

Additive manufacturing is throwing off the shackles of hype, with in-flight parts, injection moulding tools and working prototypes proving their value in the supply chain. We spoke to Stratasys' Simon Brandon. more

18 Feb 2016 12:30 industry

Meusburger has announced the launch of its new DLC coated two-stage ejectors, which are not only long-lasting, but a good fit for food and medical applications thanks to their lubricant-free functionality. more

12 Jan 2016 10:45 machinery

Finnish company Carbodeon has been granted a US patent for its nanodiamond polymer technology. more

11 Dec 2015 12:04 materials

3D printing material demand is growing and with it demand for additive manufacturing plastics. A fresh report from SmarTech looks into the rise of 3D-printable polymers. more

9 Dec 2015 14:46 materials

Harnessing the power of additive manufacturing for automotive assembly tool production has slashed Opel's tool production costs by up to 90 per cent. more

25 Nov 2015 12:05 industry

HP Fusion 3D Printing Sprocet


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