AIJU and AIMPLAS introduce flexible electronics toys in the form of sensors in new FLEXENS project. Read more


Lego is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Read more


LEGO launches Women of NASA

The world's favourite plastic building block toy is giving the accomplishments of NASA's brightest women a platform with its new Women of NASA set, which aims to inspire all children to pursue their STEM dreams. Read more

4 Dec 2017 15:23 editor's blog



Most-read European plastics headlines: March 2017

March was a big month for European plastics. While Brexit, the Dutch general election and terrorism played out in the media, there has been no shortage of uplifting plastics innovation news getting our readers clicking away. Read more

31 Mar 2017 12:27 editor's blog

A research project by iBUS, funded by the European Union’s research arm Horizon2020, is creating a model for additive customisable toys. As the technology for home making plastic products accelerates, is toy regulation keeping up? Read more


Lego Nasa

Image credit: Maia Weinstock (@20tauri) via LEGO

LEGO Women of NASA set for lift-off

The world's favourite plastic building blocks LEGO is launching a Women of NASA set, recognising accomplished women in STEM professions in a kit that aims to inspire. Read more

1 Mar 2017 09:22 editor's blog


ELIX Polymers

ABS technology leader ELIX Polymers has launched a new grade that has been optimised for products that come into contact with food. Read more


May's most-read plastics headlines

We look back on what must have been the fastest May yet to fly past us, with a mixed bag of sustainability, 3D printing, acquisition, sport and innovation news to jog your memories. Read more

31 May 2016 12:16 editor's blog

On-demand customisation and 3D printing could herald the return of locally-manufactured toys - and the EU is backing an initiative to standardise and boost safety in this growing corner of toy production. Read more


PolyOne TPEs are equipped to crack any market, it seems. Or should that be 'quack', as the materials specialist has announced its key role in the development of a super safe rubber ducky for infants. Read more


Lego keeping Lapland's elves busy this Christmas

The little helpers are working hard at Father Christmas's workshop in Lapland and Lego appears to be taking up much of their time. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke looks at what plastic products are making it onto children's wish lists this Christmas. Read more

8 Dec 2015 15:04 editor's blog


Image credit: LEGO (via the Newsroom

LEGO is investing DKK 1 billion in finding a greener alternative to ABS for its iconic bricks, but without compromising on the quality of the current LEGO play experience. Read more


A dog toy made with PolyOne's pet-friendly GLS Dynaflex TPE is bringing joy to many more than just the pooches getting their teeth around their new favourite chew, with sales supporting a charity helping orphans in Ethiopia. Read more


Monprene CP Series Compounds from Teknor Apex are the standard grades now available worldwide for quick sampling. Read more


Plastics remain top of the list for Christmas

Plastics remain an attractive choice for toy retailers this year, as plastic toys and games dominate children's Christmas lists. But has Barbie held onto her crown as the plastic present princess? Read more

12 Dec 2014 14:25 editor's blog

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