Waste to Energy

In a post-China waste import ban world, the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy (CEWEP) is optimistic, publishing optimistic data in its 2018 Waste-to-Energy Waste Barometer. Read more


A salty subject?

Crisps are more than just a guilty pleasure – their packaging is an environmental hazard. Rose Brooke – a crisp connoisseur – looks at why we can’t recycle crisp packets and what the most sustainable route is for them at end of life. Read more

26 Jun 2018 10:33 editor's blog

Six months into China’s Operation National Sword ban on the import of waste into the country and the cracks in the waste management system in Europe are beginning to show. Read more


Today, unrecyclable plastics face a fork in the road in the waste stream: incineration or landfill. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke explores whether a sustainability case can be made for either. Read more


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