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Revisiting the original Blue Planet series, it’s easy to see how much of a difference there is between the first and second series. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke considers Blue Planet in light of a recent study of plastic pollution in the Pitcairn Islands. more

17 Aug 2018 10:49 editor's blog

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Project RepescaPlas reveals results of the first characterisations of wastes collected in the ports of Valencia and Galicia more


The University of Georgia has published its findings into the impact China’s National Sword ban on plastic waste imports will have on the global volume of plastic waste. more


Six months into China’s Operation National Sword ban on the import of waste into the country and the cracks in the waste management system in Europe are beginning to show. more


Today, unrecyclable plastics face a fork in the road in the waste stream: incineration or landfill. EPPM Editor Rose Brooke explores whether a sustainability case can be made for either. more


Data from Plastics Recyclers Europe has shown Spain, Germany and Italy leading the way on boosting the total of European plastic waste recycled. more


Montello, based in Bergamo, has received forty separation machines from Norway's TOMRA. more


LyondellBasell has joined forces with waste and water management giant SUEZ to help achieve a plastics circular economy together as a recycling power duo. more



Paul Fears

Cover star for EPPM's January/February 2018 issue, Bunting Europe explains the argument for separation you won't hear in the mainstream media. more


The global plastic waste crisis might be best tackled by social scientists, according to one expert, as the problem is strongly linked to global inequalities. more


When is plastic 'avoidable'?

The UK government's announcement to stamp out all 'avoidable plastics' in 25 years has raised some questions from EPPM Editor Rose Brooke. more

12 Jan 2018 12:18 editor's blog

Sipping: The inconvenient truth

Disposable coffee cups and plastic drinking straws are making headlines this week. Rose Brooke explores the inconvenient truth of a future of buying beverages where we pay extra for straws and bring our own mugs to the coffee shop. more

3 Jan 2018 12:00 editor's blog

Baling guidelines from PRE should clear up practice guidelines for plastic recyclers across the EU. more


A survey by PlasticsEurope has shown a worrying lack of progress for household plastics separation in three major European nations. more


LyondellBasel and Suez have pledged a boost to the European polypropylene circular economy in a partnership based in the Netherlands. more


The President of Plastic Recyclers Europe has called on recyclers to drive quality upwards after the Bordergate Sword laws can into effect. more


Two studies by leading plastics environmental analysts Jenna Jambeck and Roland Geyer have worked out the total amount of plastics every made - and the low proportion recycled. more


China has raised the drawbridge on incoming plastic and paper waste shipments from overseas, which it says is polluting the country's environment. more


Resource Efficient Scotland is tackling waste in the construction and demolition industries by encouraging contractors to re-use and recycle their plastic building waste in a handy new guide. more


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