WM Thermoforming Machines

WM Thermoforming is set to showcase two complete IN-LINE INTEC FT 900/3 production plants producing two-colour disposable 8 and 10 Oz cups made of multi-layer polypropylene this summer. more

13 Apr 2016 11:05 machinery

What will WH Thermoforming Machines bring to the market next? The answer is just that: N.EXT, a new extruder line promising higher productivity, energy saving and the highest percentage of regrind possible. more

4 Nov 2015 15:19 machinery

Using ExxonMobil PP6262 resin, WM will produce functional, appealing yogurt cups on its FT900 thermoforming machine at its booth at NPE2015. more

19 Mar 2015 12:24 industry

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